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Small Wedding Venues

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to a large wedding, The Roselyn Court Homestead can accommodate small weddings with style and substance within our convenient Melbourne venue. More and more couples are choosing to hold smaller weddings, preferring a cosy wedding ceremony and reception for the lower price and increased intimacy.

Why Have a Small Wedding?

Small weddings have many benefits, the largest of these being a lower cost. If you’re trying to plan your wedding on a budget, having a small wedding will allow you to stay within your budget while still enjoying an unforgettable day. The money saved allows you to spend more in other areas, such as hiring a band or wearing a designer dress down the aisle.

Smaller weddings are also much more intimate, giving you an experience where you feel closer to your guests. With fewer people you can give every guest your full attention, unlike larger weddings where only a brief exchange can be offered.

Small Wedding Ceremonies

Whether you want to limit your guest list to keep costs low, or you wish to create an intimate exchange of vows, Roselyn Court is the perfect location for small wedding ceremonies. Our beautiful chapel seats up to 80 guests, perfect for your guests to watch the bride and groom say their vows. Alternatively, you can choose to have your ceremony outside within our beautiful gardens or under a spacious marquee that will protect from sun and rain.

For all of our ceremonies, we provide a gate attendant to direct cars, a room manager/MC to greet and welcome guests, and equipment that will allow you to play your music.

Small Reception Venues

As well as being able to cater for larger guest lists, Roselyn Court has the facilities to host small receptions within our venues. The Trilbys Room possesses a wonderful intimate atmosphere and seating for up to 85 guests. Look up and marvel at the period decor and Art Nouveau moulded wall panels, with a full-length window allowing magnificent views overlooking our gardens. For something larger that still retains an intimate atmosphere, consider the Gilberton Room, which seats 100 to 125 guests and has a beautiful domed ceiling and stained glass skylight. This room also has exclusive access to the tree-lined front garden.

Start Planning Your Small Wedding Today

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