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Engagement Party Venues in Melbourne

Many will argue that engagement parties are nearly as important as wedding receptions themselves. They mark the beginning of what is ultimately intended to be a lifelong relationship between two people who love each other very much. This intention alone is worthy of celebration, and there’s no better way to do so than at Roselyn Court’s engagement party venues in Melbourne.

For over 100 years, Roselyn Court has been the number one choice of venue for a wide variety of celebrations, including weddings, birthdays, Christmases, and more. Our facilities are second to none, giving you unparalleled flexibility and versatility in the choice of rooms, cuisine, and other amenities.

A Versatile Range of Options

One of the biggest reasons why Roselyn Court is considered the best engagement party venue in Melbourne is the level of versatility we offer. Depending on the number of guests who are attending, we have a number of spacious function rooms that are suitable for parties with as few as 50 people to as many as 200 or more. Each room is excellently designed and also provides its own atmospheric qualities.

No engagement party is complete without a fantastic array of food and drinks for the guests. At Roselyn Court, our highly trained and experienced staff can provide premium menus that are catered to the specific wishes, needs and requirements of you and your guests. Whether you want a traditional menu or something more exotic, our engagement party venue can accommodate your preferences. We also have an excellent variety of desserts and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for you to enjoy.

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If you’re interested in celebrating your engagement in a beautiful and memorable location, our magnificent engagement party venue in Melbourne is sure to impress. Give our friendly team a call on (03) 9370 5733 or fill out our simple online contact form to learn more.

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